Seeds vs Clones

A conversation I get into a lot with my fellow growers is whether its better to start from seed or from clone. I’ve done both and in reality i dont know how much it really makes a difference. They both seem to take a similar amount of time but clones seem to all grow more consistently probably since they all come from the same mother plant.

I found this video that explains some of the facts dealing with each, seeds and clones


Personally i use whatever i have, but given the most ideal situation i would pick clones. What do you guys think?


Topping for increased yields

Topping is a method I use in conjunction with the SCROG method i mentioned in my last post. This method is where you snip off the top most new growth that causes the plant to distribute its hormones to other branches creating 2-4 “tops” or the biggest fattest buds at the top of the plant. This creates a very flat top to your greenery allowing more light absorption and in most cases more and stronger bud!

Here is a great link over to where they explain how to do this technique.

In addition here is a video for those of you who are more visual learners

Scrog Method

One the best methods i know of to increase your yields is the scrog method (screen of green). Its a method where you put a screen with large 4-5inch holes horizontally above one plant or many and train the plant through the holes to create tons and tons of main bud sites (bud sites at the top of the plant to get the most light).

Scrog marijuana plants


And here is a quick video outlining how to scrog your plants.


Great Grow Video

Hey guys just thought I would share a great video with you. I’ve recommended and had many of my friends and colleagues watch this with great reviews. The guy is knowledgeable and explains things in a very simple way while also discussing some very valuable topics. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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